Racial Capitalism and Urban Education

EDU 500 Independent Study

Racial Capitalism and Urban Education

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Section 1: Racial Capitalism: the basics
Robinson, C. (1983). Black Marxism. Chapter 1 – 7.
5/31Robinson, C. (1983). Black Marxism. Chapter 8 – 12.
6/7Burten-Stelly, C. (2019). Modern US Racial Capitalism. https://monthlyreview.org/2020/07/01/modern-u-s-racial-capitalism/
Go, J. (2020). Three Tensions in the Theory of Racial Capitalism. Sociological Theory, 0735275120979822.

In class, watch: Michael Dawson on Race and Capitalism
Academic summary 1
Section 2. Urban Education: the basics
Rury, John L. “Introduction: The Changing Contours of Urban Education.” From Urban Education in the United States: A Historical Reader.
Welsh, R. O., & Swain, W. A. (2020). (Re) defining urban education: A conceptual review and empirical exploration of the definition of urban education. Educational Researcher, 49(2), 90-100.
6/21Lipman, P. (2013). The New Political Economy of Urban Education: Neoliberalism, Race, and the Right to the City. Chps. 1, 2, 7
6/28Anyon, J. (2014). Radical Possibilities: Public Policy, Urban Education, and A New Social Movement. Part 1.
7/12Holloway, D. L., & Krensky, B. (2001). Introduction: The arts, urban education, and social change.
Tate, W.F. (2008). ‘Geography of opportunity’: Poverty, place and educational outcomes.Educational Researcher, 37 (7), 397-411. Doi: 10.3102/0013189X08326409
Academic summary 2
Section 3. Racial Capitalism and Education
Anderson, L. (2019). Private interests in a public profession: Teacher education and racial capitalism. Teachers College Record, 121(6), 1-38.
Kapoor, D. (2020). Critical Adult Education at the Margins: Colonial Racial Capitalism and Social Movement Learning in Contexts of Dispossession in the (Neo) Colonies. In Critical Theorizations of Education (pp. 44-57). Brill Sense.
7/26Morales-Doyle, D., & Gutstein, E. R. (2019). Racial capitalism and STEM education in Chicago Public Schools. Race Ethnicity and Education, 22(4), 525-544.
Nxumalo, F. (2019). Disrupting racial capitalist formations in early childhood education. Disrupting and Countering Deficits in Early Childhood Education=. London: Routledge Education, 164-178.
8/8Poon, O. A., Segoshi, M. S., Tang, L., Surla, K. L., Nguyen, C., & Squire, D. D. (2019). Asian Americans, affirmative action, and the political economy of racism: A multidimensional model of raceclass frames. Harvard Educational Review, 89(2), 201-226.
And summary discussion
Literature Review Due


Academic summaries: 1,000 words of academic writing using in-text citations that summarize main points and arguments in the section’s readings.

Literature review: 3,000 word review of literature on basics of racial capitalism framework, urban education, and racial capitalist and education. You may use academic summaries to write this final assignment.