Eight Ways to Say No

I barely remembered this as part of my DARE training in 4th grade, but now it seems extremely helpful–particularly with insidious ideologies. (Thanks for remembering Erica!)


3 responses to “Eight Ways to Say No

  1. A. Nonie Mouse

    Two questions from someone who never went through this (no doubt invaluable) training: firstly what’s the difference between the fourth and the sixth way to say no; and secondly what does the second one mean?

    • I think the difference between 4 and 6 is temporal: if you’re standing in a circle of people who are talking about something you don’t like (like perpetuating injustice) and you can “walk away from the situation” by turning around and leaving the circle. But if you really don’t like what they do and talk about all the time (like perpetuating injustice perpetually) then you can stay away from them over time, “walk away.” Maybe the difference is metaphorical in that case?

      The second one is for those situations when you say “no” to something you don’t (like perpetuating injustice) and someone responds “Oh come on! Perpetuate injustice with us!” Then you can say, “No, I have to get home and make pumpkin pancakes right now–sorry” or something.

  2. Thanks for the response! Now I get the difference between “walk away” and “Walk away from the situation”, Fair enough.

    Sadly though I totally failed to ask the right question after that. “Give an excuse” I get. I meant to ask “What does the *third* one mean?” i.e. what’s “Broken Record”? Does it mean “start talking to them about how bad drug are,, and don’t stop – instead just drone on endlessly like a broken record?” If so, then it seems oddly creative, but hilariously likely to lose you some friends…

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