[For a list of academic essay publications see my Humanities Commons page.]


“Build Schools Back Better,” African American Policy Forum

“Who Profits from the New Fascism in Our Schools?” Bucks County Beacon

“The Nightmare Ouroboros of School Shootings and the Education Bond Market,” The American Prospect

“Toxic Finance,” Dissent.

“Something’s in the Air,” Verso Blog.

“Meeting Needs,” n+1 (w/ Kate Cairns).

Movement Pedagogy: Beyond the Class/Identity Dichotomy,” Viewpoint.

Uses and Abuses of Class Separatism,” Verso Blog.

Race and Class Reductionism Today,” Verso Blog.

A Democrat Against Democracy,” Jacobin.

The False Promise of Education,” Jacobin.

Podcast appearances

“American School Financing is a Disaster,” Left Anchor.

Toxic Financing of Schools,” Raging Chicken, Out d’Coup



Elements Cover 9.13.15

Image result for the gold and the dross backer

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