What I’ve done thus far, to do

I’m thinking about this project as including my work on policy when it comes to school funding, finance, and inequality. But this would be a popular project from the point of view of a parent/organizer making the decision about which school to send their child to.

To do/have done:

  1. Summarize/ research and continue wonky work:
    1. how does school funding and finance actually work?
    2. What’s a school district? How are they made, unmade, etc?
      1. What kind of state formation are they? How do they prop up the social structures that then lead to educational inequality?
      2. Legal form pieces, Law review article on socialist approaches
  2. Engage in parent organizing project:
    1. Make connections with people in Comegys catchment
      1. FB thread and chats following that
      2. Church tutoring program?
      3. Talk to friends/neighbors
    2. Research Comegys
      1. Kingsessing history
      2. West Philly Coalition for Neighborhood schools
      3. The story of Phillip Spruill
      4. SAC?
      5. Parent involvement policy
      6. District profile
        1. Budget and documents
      7. Police District
    3. The Private School options
      1. Philly Free School
      2. Jubilee School
      3. Walden School, Media PA
  3. Wonky + organizing leads
    1. Comprehensive school planning review process
    2. Voluntary Transfer Program?
      1. School selection process
      2. Dates, windows, etc
  4. My own story
    1. Gentrification, millenial movement to the cities, leftward turn, socialism, OWS, BLM, DSA, etc

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