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Very. Exciting. Forty Stories at Harper Perrenial.

I found out about 52 Stories about two years ago while compiling online literary magazines for fictiondaily.org. I saw it, read it, and thought “I’d like to have a story there someday.” So I sent Cal Morgan a chapter of my unpublished first novel.

52 Stories went cold (Morgan had to take a break from doing a story a week), and I thought “Well, that’s understandable.” I didn’t know if it would be coming back.

But then a few months later I got an email from him about my submission. He said he liked it and was going to include it in a collection of stories from the  backlogs of 52S’s submission pool. I thought “holy shit this is awesome.”

So this past week it launched. It’s a free PDF file at 52stories.com. So many writers I’ve read and I admire are in it. Particularly Roxane Gay and Scott McClanahan. I really love their work and want others to love it. Also there’s a porn star in the collection. (My story “Jon and Maeve” is #30.)

Next month, Forty Stories launches as an eBook through Amazon and other ebook retailers. The book has already gotten some coverage at the New York Daily News, the Journal-Sentinel, and Open Letters Monthly.

Just. Very. Exciting.


Photos from Blake Butler’s Reading

Blake Butler’s There Is No Year is coming out soon from HarperPerennial. The publisher hosted an event with vol1brooklyn at Franklin Park in Brooklyn a few weeks ago, which I attended. The Harper and HTML Giant crews united and read all of Butler’s book aloud that week.

I took the following photos on the first day.

giancarlo ditrapano, of NY Tyrant.

justin taylor, whose novel The Gospel of Anarchy came out recently with good reception, and that I reviewed both here and at Full Stop.

cal morgan, publisher/editor at Harper and editor of 52 Stories.

another reader. ben greenman, i think.

another reader. not sure who it is.

blake butler. For more on the book, check out his site. i particularly like Michael Miller’s recent essay in the Observer.