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Profile of Metazen published @ Zine-Scene.

The new magazine about magazines Zine-Scene published my review of Metazen this morning. My thesis is that the digital realm has reached puberty.

Homework for the History of Communications, Journal 4, for Havelock

These are two audio files of me speaking out an idea I had regarding Eric Havelock’s interpretation of Plato’s Republic. In it, he proposes that Plato creates thought with the help of the alphabet. In the first, I summarize this. Then I apply this analysis to Dr. Frank Moretti’s question regarding the new digital consciousness.

Mimesis v. Phronesis (part 1)

The New Dynamus (part 2)

(Footnote: I’m aware that some of the things in the second recording are far flung. They’re probably also counter-factual, anachronistic, anathema, and just straight up wrong. But it’s what I was thinking at the time.)