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Essay on Yasuní-ITT published in n+1.

Thanks to Ben Kunkel and everyone at n+1 for helping with me this history of the Yasuní-ITT proposal, published recently.

Yasuní-ITT is signed.

Yesterday official documents were signed by the UNDP and the Ecuadorian government to leave roughly 850 million barrels of oil beneath the Amazon rain forest. This is a great victory and a great step towards a “post-petroleum” world. Here’s a few of the articles covering the news today.

BBCManila Bulletin3 NewsArgus PressABC NewsCanada EastFOX News CB Online

I’ve been following this issue since November of last year, as I was living in Ecuador when it was being batted around in the political discourse. There has been a lot of skepticism, but yesterday confirms that Ecuador will push forward with the initiative, the first of its kind in the world. For a step-by-step news cycle and analysis of the proposal since February, see my old blog.