What were doing at Times Square

When we all went to Times Square
we didn’t really do much
we stood close to one another
we danced sang chanted screamed

and we stood on the other side
of fences the police put up
but we didn’t break them down
we just looked at the police
and the police looked at us.

This is what we went there to do, I think:
Look at the police together.

One time we were hitting around a beach ball
with 99%! written on it
and it fell into the street
where a bunch of police were standing
and at first the police didn’t look at it
they seemed nervous to get involved
but then one of them smiled and shrugged
and hit the ball back to us.

We cheered and cheered and clapped and laughed
and chanted “YOU SHOULD BE HERE WITH US!!”

That’s what we were doing at Times Square.
That’s why we do anything at all.


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