Testing, Schooling, (In)Equality

The meritocratic argument
1) If you have cognitive skills, then you will succeed in the economy.
2) Schooling gives you those cognitive skills.
Schooling will cause success in the economy. 
The many influences on economic success
Updated meritocratic argument
1) If you have cognitive skills, then you will succeed in the economy
2) Good schools give you these cognitive skills.
3) Good schools score highly on their Performance Index on high-stakes standardized tests.
Schools that score highly on Performance Indexes will cause success in the economy.
Relating Performance on NCLB-mandated testing to median household income. Can schools influence test performance?

School Performance Index Median Household Income Area/neighborhood/suburb
Andrew J. Rickoff School 53.3% $14,704 Kinsman
Boulevard Elementary school 85.7% $73,711 Shaker Heights
Mound Elementary School 47.4% $29, 202 (East) South Broadway
Hayes Elementary School 81.8% $43,218 Lakewood City
Class data set assignment: Does performance on NCLB mandated tests vary with median household income?
1) Find the performance index of a school you work at, a friend works at, or in your area. (Ohio Report Cards resource)
2) Find the median household income for the area (suburb or neighborhood) where the school is located. (Census Bureau or City-Data.com)
3) Compare that relationship to three other schools in different areas around Cuyahoga County.
In two weeks I will come around to each blog and collect your data set, which will have four rows and two columns, like the above. If it turns out that the test scores vary with household income, teachers cannot be held responsible for those low test scores. Rather, those who control the relations of production must be held accountable for the unequal distribution of income which possibly causes those low scores.

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